Archive | July 5, 2007

Good morning 🙂

I’m still working on ‘Thermal’ from Knitty. I’ve reached the point where I seperate for the placket. Almost to the armholes!

I was busy this week working on our front walkway. I built it from rock we salveged from my mom’s falling down barn. I think it looks much better. I’ll try and post some pics soon. I wish I had been thinking and done the ‘before and after’ thing. Now I have to find some plants to plant between the rocks. So far I have irish moss….a perennial I got at the local walmart. The plant place was closed….am sure they will have more selection.

I’ve got an urge to knit the Sanquhar gloves after seeing the pattern while reading at the coffeeshop. Of course my lys doesn’t carry any dpns smaller than the size 0. I printed the pattern anyways…