Working on the yard…

We’ve been busy 🙂 We dug a pond and what a job! We dug it under the rock and now have the waterfall going over the rock…very beautiful now that it’s done!

This is a good picture of the rock deck we just put in. Going with the whole ‘rock garden’ theme. The yard is so much nicer now 🙂 Of course, many many gardens need to be planted to finish it off.

This is the walkway I built and put in with the slate from the fallen down barn…some of the slate could have been thicker but most of it was pretty good. I’ve planted irish moss between the stones and some alpine calamint. Both are supposed to be hardy enough for a walkway. Here’s hoping!

Kiddo had a great time helping me out yesterday. His sisters weren’t home so it was just us. He’s a hard worker 🙂 Now he’s looking forward to getting some goldfish for the pond.

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