Some Beautiful Yarn

This is my Austermann Step I was craving… the browns will be with the Kroy, I think, in a pair of stranded gloves and the blues will make nice socks for myself or one of the kids 🙂

You have to wonder about some people… I purchased these from my LYS and was in there two days last week…one day to buy the browns, two days later to buy the blues…dealt with the same lady…it is a VERY small and not very busy location…and she didn’t even act like she knew me, recognized me or anything of the sort….I was not very impressed and felt extremely low on their priority list. This is one of the reasons people are just as happy or happier shopping online…in my opinion.

The sweater I was working on in the acrylic (purchased the week prior from the same aforementioned LYS) for my son…the gansey…is TOO SMALL. Well, I suppose not quite yet, but it would fit him for about two weeks so I’m pulling it back out. I guess I should go about half way between the first two sizes for width and maybe go with the large for length in body and sleeves. The kid is bigger than he looks. I think maybe I should measure one of the shirts which fit him nicely rather than measuring the child, lol.

My ‘thermal’ in the elann ‘sock it to me collection’ sock yarn is coming along nicely. I think it will fit 😀 I have to finish the second sleeve and the neck line…should be taking a picture soon!

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