So Tired…

Ok, I guess it’s normal to tire out but I am Exhausted! I’m not even done around the tree either, and that has to get done. I have a poor rose bush waiting to be planted, and the hibiscus…oh, and the sweetheart rose, which is moving into the front of the tree. Right now, of course, it’s at the back of the tree. LOL. Nothing could possible BE where I want it to be to begin with!

I feel like staying inside, knitting and house cleaning…doing some laundry, maybe steam cleaning the living room carpet. Or, maybe just the knitting! 🙂

I was taking LONG knitting breaks at the beginning of this project, but those were small enough jobs that I didn’t have crap all over the lawn that way, for days. My policy *was* to do one amazing job per week. My youngest daughter is back home today so she’s a lot of help too.

I’ve got my eye on the Red Bird website…I’m craving some beautiful yarn. I deserve it with all the hard work…or that’s what I’m telling myself (and my husband!) This morning though, I saw the Knitting Haus site and they have Brittany needles for like 6 bucks american, mind you, but an amazing deal. I WISH they had wool of some sort.

Ok, off to have coffee…and maybe I’ll find some energy…or a reasonable facsimile thereof.

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