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Doing Everything!

Weird title for this post, I know. I do feel like I’m trying to ‘do everything’ in a couple of days right now…pretty sure the kids feel the same way! We have an appraiser coming tomorrow (time to get a new mortgage/remortgage-we are changing mortgage companies) and are trying to get the house in tip top shape first. I tell you, when you start aiming for perfect, you find a lot of imperfect, everywhere you look…or we do, at least.

I’m probably way overreacting to this appraisel…chances are he doesn’t even care about the details we are worrying about….BUT a good clean house says ‘Good Condition’ even if it’s only a psychological thing. Kinda how baking an apple pie (before/during a showing) can help you sell a house.

For my ‘calming’ activity, I’ve been winding some of the Ultra Alpaca I bought for the IK sweater pictured on the front of the magazine. I love it, I think! We will see when it’s knitted up! 🙂

There is something so zen about just mindlessly handwinding a ball of wool….I’ve come to enjoy it which surprises me. When I started ‘Frost Flowers and Leaves’ and had to wind the laceweight, I was pretty overwhelmed by it, lol. I have been knitting the border onto that again…I want everything done that I’ve started.

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Wow!! Colourful Mittens

These were inspired by the composed mitts. My daughter loves colour and these are made specially for her. They’ve passed the kid test….my older daughter saw them and went ‘WOW, Cool Mitts!’

I used Knitpicks palette for these, held double. There is no pattern…I made it up as I went and made the second to match the first. I did use the same number of stitches as the composed mitts (48).

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Composed Mitts – IK Fall 2007

Pattern: Composed Mitts by Michelle Rose Orne

Source: Fall 2007 Interweave Knits

Yarn Sub: I used knitpicks palette held two strands together

I really love these! They turned out great though I didn’t use sport-weight yarn.

They have inspired me to create a version which is completely my own…and has a full hand mitten….pictures soon!

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Child’s Knitted Gansey

Pattern: Knitted Gansey

Source: Handknit Holidays

Yarn Sub: James C Brett ‘marble’

Yeah, this is the sweater I’ve been working on for my son. It doesn’t fit, AGAIN. Since the yarn is cursed, I am giving it to my little nephew instead of redoing it again.

The pattern is really nice though and I think I may try again in another wool, another time 🙂 The yarn was really nice to work with even though it is acrylic.

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Hooded Aran Cardigan

Pattern: Hooded Aran Cardigan by Vladimir Teriokhin

Source: Knit.1 Spring 2007

Yarn Sub: Knitpicks WOTA in Amethyst Heather

I really love this sweater! The pattern has really great shaping though the waist. I did end up lengthening the sleeves and body somewhat, but I almost always have to do that. The one issue I had was the hood. It ended up soooo long! I think the pattern must be a little wonky there. I left it because it didn’t matter that much but I wouldn’t do it the same again.

I want to knit this again…with the hood either adjusted to normal size or maybe with a collar instead.

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Getting ready for fall….

I’ve had quite a week. I have all the kids home again…my son was away most of the summer at his grandparents house, which is a farm…now he wants to live on a farm 🙂 I wouldn’t mind it either, but not the time for us. When the kids are older, when the girls are in college, maybe then.

I’ve got a mountain of school supplies to buy yet, and shoes. Doesn’t every child need twelve pairs?

I’ve been nesting and I can’t figure out why. Reminds me of being pregnant. Continue reading

Dora Dora The Beautiful Dog

This is our newest family member, Miss Dora Dora (named after the word aDORAble). I have a major puppy/dog/pet/living thing weakness! She is very well behaved and fitting in with the other two really well so far. She was very well socialized and is almost house trained though she is only 8 weeks old right now. I found her a puppy salon last week! We got her her first hair cut (around the eyes – other than that I’m good with the ‘mini sheepdog’ look ) and she was good there too 🙂

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