Checking In….

Happy Wednesday đŸ™‚

I’ve been away from the blogging for a bit, since I’ve been working so much on the yard and stuff like that…life gets in there too. The front yard is done! Most of it anyways…Pictures to follow soon-ish.

I’m working on the knitted gansey from HandKnit Holidays for my son…STILL…I switched the pattern around a little and made it in the round. I decreased some stitches to eliminate the seam stitches and make the pattern compatible with the stitch count. Rule number ONE when switching something with a patterned repeat to the round!! LOL, and remember to check all pattern reps against total stitches! (I discovered this after the bottom band of garter stitch and was luckily very close to the right number of stitches and had to knit two together twice to even it out). I did end up with the correct amount of stitches for the front/back at the point where I did the neckline so all’s well that ends well. The sleeves I am knitting flat but doing both at once on a circular needle…they are about halfway done.

I’ll be really happy when it’s done!

We have a new dog…she is the cutest little thing ever. Her name is Dora Dora (because she is adorable) and she is a shitzu puppy. So that’s three dogs, and they’ve been doing their best to keep me busy these last few weeks. And they’ve used up all my wool money!

I went down to the local Chapters yesterday, looking for the new IK and it wasn’t there!! They SAY they will phone me when it comes in. I don’t understand why they wouldn’t have it when it is supposed to be on the stands already!? I’m very sad, I’ve been planning that purchase for a while….

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