Archive | August 19, 2007

Dora Dora The Beautiful Dog

This is our newest family member, Miss Dora Dora (named after the word aDORAble). I have a major puppy/dog/pet/living thing weakness! She is very well behaved and fitting in with the other two really well so far. She was very well socialized and is almost house trained though she is only 8 weeks old right now. I found her a puppy salon last week! We got her her first hair cut (around the eyes – other than that I’m good with the ‘mini sheepdog’ look ) and she was good there too 🙂

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This is a picture of our front yard, mid-landscape…half-way-ish…

I wanted to have something to compare with the finished yard so I took this before I did the garden around the tree. THAT took three days! Lots of digging and lots of soil amending to do there. See the big rock in the centre? That will have our street number and name sandblasted on it, hopefully.

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