Getting ready for fall….

I’ve had quite a week. I have all the kids home again…my son was away most of the summer at his grandparents house, which is a farm…now he wants to live on a farm 🙂 I wouldn’t mind it either, but not the time for us. When the kids are older, when the girls are in college, maybe then.

I’ve got a mountain of school supplies to buy yet, and shoes. Doesn’t every child need twelve pairs?

I’ve been nesting and I can’t figure out why. Reminds me of being pregnant. No, I’m not pregnant. What I am, however, is incredibley organized for the first time in a long long time. I threw away every scrap of paper I’ve ever hoarded (I am a packrat – there, I’ve said it). Well, except for the tax returns and stuff, lol. I’ve gone through our entire storage, through the clothes, through the shoes, through the kitchen. I’ve packed about thirty bags and boxes for the second hand store and shredded so much paper by hand that I now totally understand those home shredders people buy.

I’ve folded and packed away so much fabric and craft supplies I feel like I should almost hide them…I have three super large bins of fabric, packed very full (I used to make quilts and clothes). I also have a three bins of yarn. Definitely have to hide those or how in the world can I claim I need more (and I know I do!). Much of it is acrylic crap like red heart from when the kids were little and I made mostly toys and blankets. I suppose I will find something to use it for.

All of my books/patterns/magazines are all together…they are much happier now! All of our pictures are together in a bin?! All of EVERYTHING is together, lol….I’ve set up files for all things, including one for every report card the kids have ever gotten. I’m scaring myself.

There are a few spots that need sorting yet, a cupboard here and a drawer there…I’ll finish those today, likely. Then on to the kids rooms.

I finished the sweater for my son, and it is TOO SMALL, AGAIN! Because the yarn is clearly cursed, I am not ripping it out again. I think it will be a lovely gift for my little nephew for his birthday this fall. My son has a very long torso, and yet is the proper ‘around’ for a boy his age. It’s frustrating to try and knit for him. The growing so much this summer didn’t help either. I will not try to knit for him when he is away again, LOL.

I want to get some pictures up of some projects that I’ve finished this summer and not posted yet…soon.

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