Hooded Aran Cardigan

Pattern: Hooded Aran Cardigan by Vladimir Teriokhin

Source: Knit.1 Spring 2007

Yarn Sub: Knitpicks WOTA in Amethyst Heather

I really love this sweater! The pattern has really great shaping though the waist. I did end up lengthening the sleeves and body somewhat, but I almost always have to do that. The one issue I had was the hood. It ended up soooo long! I think the pattern must be a little wonky there. I left it because it didn’t matter that much but I wouldn’t do it the same again.

I want to knit this again…with the hood either adjusted to normal size or maybe with a collar instead.

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4 thoughts on “Hooded Aran Cardigan

  1. Lovely! I’ve had that design in mind (bookmarked) for months now. It’s nice to see that it works in ‘real life’, you know? 😉

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