Doing Everything!

Weird title for this post, I know. I do feel like I’m trying to ‘do everything’ in a couple of days right now…pretty sure the kids feel the same way! We have an appraiser coming tomorrow (time to get a new mortgage/remortgage-we are changing mortgage companies) and are trying to get the house in tip top shape first. I tell you, when you start aiming for perfect, you find a lot of imperfect, everywhere you look…or we do, at least.

I’m probably way overreacting to this appraisel…chances are he doesn’t even care about the details we are worrying about….BUT a good clean house says ‘Good Condition’ even if it’s only a psychological thing. Kinda how baking an apple pie (before/during a showing) can help you sell a house.

For my ‘calming’ activity, I’ve been winding some of the Ultra Alpaca I bought for the IK sweater pictured on the front of the magazine. I love it, I think! We will see when it’s knitted up! 🙂

There is something so zen about just mindlessly handwinding a ball of wool….I’ve come to enjoy it which surprises me. When I started ‘Frost Flowers and Leaves’ and had to wind the laceweight, I was pretty overwhelmed by it, lol. I have been knitting the border onto that again…I want everything done that I’ve started.

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One thought on “Doing Everything!

  1. It’s a stressful time, for sure! I’m sure things will go well with the appraisal! Just fondle some alpaca, and go to your zen winding place, and you’ll surely feel better!

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