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Happy Birthday

baby girl 

My oldest turned eighteen yesterday!  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like the years couldn’t have passed so quickly.  I remember thinking it would take forever for the kids to grow up, too.  Nooooo.  It passes really fast.  It’s amazing really.  It’ll be the blink of an eye at this rate before they are all grown.  Our youngest will be ten this year.  There were so many years of babies and now we’re in such a different phase.

I’m so proud of our daughter….she’s been through a lot, self inflicted and otherwise, in her life and has come out on the other side of it all with a strength I admire and a determination that will take her far if she uses it right.  She was always the most determined and stubborn child out of our four.  I am so happy to see that some of the things that caused conflict when she was younger are becoming her strengths now.  She is brave and smart and proud.  She’s talking about college.  We go to her high school graduation next week 🙂 

Loving the sweater!

I’ve finished the ‘wheat ear cable yoke’ sweater from the Interweave Knits Summer 2007 issue.  I love it.  I used the ultra alpaca….SO SOFT.  Other sweaters will never feel soft again seems to be the only downside, lol. 

I made some changes…lengthened the sleeves and the body quite a bit, knitted in the round rather than seaming.  My only seams were under the arms.  I lengthened the patterned area under the arms by one inch.  I had some issues with the decreases….I ended up decreasing every other row at a point and then two rows in a row just before the ribbing.  Yet I had perfect guage…go figure.  Another ‘go figure’….I have 300 yards of the yarn left.  I’m thinking mittens 🙂  It worked out great though, and I love it!


Purse Guts!

Ahh yes, here we have it (them!). 

First, I must confess…I have three purses currently in use 🙂  First we have the ‘day to day’ purse….I use this the most lately.  It is hardly more than a wallet and it holds everything I need at least basically….  000_0278

See, it has the important stuff 🙂  The shopping list, the orthodontist reciept, the appointment card for the dentist, the wool fund (which pesky kids keep needing part of for like…books and stuff lol)

Then there is the serious purse.  This baby gets used when I need to carry a lot of stuff, or when I have to bring a lot of id to sign papers, or when I want to use the purse instead of a suitcase…. 🙂

  000_0279  000_0280

These are the things I keep in this purse…my wallet, with its ’45 nickel for good luck….a watch (with broken band) so I can be on time (borrowed this from the children)…my lighter…(yes I smoke)…a bick pen, and one of the ever-so-many lists I carry 🙂

Lastly we have the knitting bag purse…currently in use as the ‘going to change my health card cause I’m a moron and missed that they misspelled my name’ purse… It’s a beauty…I love it and usually use it to carry knitting when I’m travelling/visiting….

000_0281  000_0282

It’s all set to go so that when I wake up ‘in the mood’ to go to a government office…I’m ready!!



I’ve spent my day reformatting and reloading all of our software.  My norton was acting up so much I tried to fix it, lol.  Fixing didn’t work out so well!  Everything is ‘not quite right’ yet but I’m getting there.  Just about fed up.

It’s probably time to go and knit….

This is what I’m working on, knitting wise….

wheat ear cable yoke from Interweave Knits Summer 07

It’s the ‘Wheat Ear Cable Yoke’ Sweater from IK Summer /07.   I’m using Berocco Ultra Alpaca and it’s so beautifully soft!  Very nice.   I’m doing it in the round because I don’t like seams much.  I’ve lengthened the pattern somewhat, hoping not too much.  Pretty soon I should be done and then I’ll know for sure 🙂

A New Computer


My husband is awesome!   He bought me a new computer.   Just for me…the kids can keep using this one.  So now I need to figure out how to network them…it’s going to be a challenge!  LOL  I’m a ‘learn as I go’ with the computer stuff, I’m afraid.  I’ve decided to upgrade my service with Bell and that way they’ll send me the router etc (I have to purchase the network adapters seperately) and include full antivirus/internet security and the best part is that its the same price I’m paying now for just high speed.  I should check their website more often!

This means I can get rid of the Norton too…it’s been acting up a lot lately.  I’ll be happy to replace it with something new at this point.

I’m looking forward to seeing this new computer but I have to wait until thursday…they should be here sometime that afternoon.  So exciting…love that man!

Finished First Mirasol Glove :)

Here’s a picture of the first glove, all done….  Mirasol Glove

 And a look at the inside….Mirasol Glove - Inside Look

I would change a couple things with this pattern.  What I do is knit and then take notes, after each row, as I go.  I find it difficult to write it all out and then knit it.  I have no clue how others figure out their designs, but that’s my way.  With these, I would hold the kroy doubled in the cuff, to make it more fitted.  Also, I would have picked up a couple more stitches in the pinky and next-to-pinky fingers (I caught on and started doing that after those two).  They are a little snug.  But, in the interest of not frogging, because I hate that!, I am going to make the second glove as this first one.  They may be a little imperfect, but at least they will match 🙂

Awesome Job!

My daughter has been working on a school project for the past couple days and I’m so proud of her.  She is in grade eight and she loves school.  She always goes the extra mile with her work, making it as creative and attractive as she can.   🙂

Check it out….

Good Job!

The whole thing…laid out on our table…she used three bristol boards, lol….those lines?  Those are pieces of embroidery floss glued down for the roots :)…..


One thing about my kids…they are very creative and always do excellently in art!  One advantage of having a crazy creative home… 🙂

Who Am I?

Firstly, My apologies…I’m late in posting.   Second… this topic seemed easy, until I tried to write! 

I am a 38 year old mom of four beautiful children, three daughters and one son.  I am a wife…a daughter, sister, friend.  I’m married (for the second time) to the sweetest, hardest working man I know.  He would do anything for any of us, without a thought.  I really love him.

Growing up I was always determined and yet really shy and sensitive.  I still am.  I take things too much to heart.  I overreact and say things I wish I hadn’t.  I was the ‘smart kid’ in my family, the first to graduate high school, the ‘should be, could be’ kid.  I didn’t choose career, I chose family.  I suppose I should be able to do both, but I can’t.  Not in a way that I feel good about.  I feel like a child-woman, inside.  I look at the other moms and wonder why I can’t do everything the way they do.  They are the ‘real grown ups’ lol. They make it look so easy, they even make it look fulfilling.  When I’ve worked full time I felt like I was running a race that never stopped.  I felt like I was missing out on my kids, on my family…like the job was keeping me from my life, which was flying by anyways.  If that makes any sense!

 I love to create things, I always have.  I started crafting when I was little.  Macrame, knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidery, cross stitch… you get the idea 🙂  My mom used to say I never finished anything…so now I’m careful to finish MOST things.

I’ll likely add to this…as I said, this subject is HARD.

Thanks for reading!

Yay, I’m Back!

Hello 🙂

I’ve been offline for about a day, and I hated it!  SOMEONE forgot to pay the bill on time.  ‘Nuff said.

 Nothing like losing your communications tools to learn how much you really really love/need/want them!  To think when I was starting out and my kids were little, I went without a phone voluntarily and didn’t even mind.

I just HAD to do something with the Mirasol Hacho that I bought, so I started a pair of gloves…

My 'no no' gloves

The pattern is my own and I’m calling them the ‘no no’ gloves because I did the big NO NO and mixed Patons kroy (fingering weight) with the Mirasol (light worsted, dk weight).  It was what I had that worked, colour wise.  They came out pretty nicely…or at least the first one did 🙂 

 The Hacho is beautiful and soft as can be.  I would love to make a sweater with it someday.  Another thing on my ‘want’ list.  Very nice, rich and vibrant colours.  I wonder if it will bleed much when washed…hoping not!

Casting on for Marisol SOMETHING….

Good morning 🙂

I really really want to start something with the beautiful merino wool I bought yesterday.  Really!  I have yet to decide what it wants to be, for sure at least.  I have a sad shortage of similar weight yarns for a background, so I guess I’ll have to have a good look at the wool collection today 🙂

Nice, huh?  This is why I can’t wait.  Ahhh, AND, my second sock is almost done!  I was knitting like a maniac last night because I wanted to start with this marisol, lol.


Check this out!

So, my sock isn’t done yet.  Yesterday turned into a lot of cookie baking and grocery shopping, not so much knitting.  My book isn’t here either BUT check out this beautiful wool!……..


It’s Mirasol Hacho, 100% peruvian hand dyed wool and I couldn’t help myself.  The skeins are only 137 yards and I had to try two colours because it’s impossible to choose!  I think I’m going to try it in gloves. 

Practicing Patience

Happy Sunday 🙂

I am planning to work on my second sock today…I’ve cast on and am at the end of the toe so it should be done by tonight, I hope.  I am ‘practicing patience’ because I’m fretting about a book I ordered more than a week ago.  From a place not more than an hour away from me.  I’m sure it’s fine, but I like to recieve things QUICKLY.  Patience with mailmen isn’t my strong point.  It’s the Simply Shetland 4 pattern book.  I want it for the Autumn Rose pullover.  That is georgeous!  Also saw a few mens/boys sweaters in there I like.  Guess it’s not vital that I get it right away, considering the lady at the shop said that they don’t have the ‘old gold’ colour in at all and won’t for a couple weeks.  I guess the sweater is too popular or maybe there is another problem?  I’m to call here in a couple weeks and check if she has all the yarn in.  I was thinking about subbing another yarn but then my excellent generous husband offered to buy me the genuine yarn!  YAY 🙂  I  could always knit one of the other many, many projects to be I have waiting around here, LOL.  Shhhh, don’t tell the excellent husband anything like that!

The First Sock…Memories sock pattern

My first sock is all done!  I’m pretty happy with it.  My lace turned out more like a textural stitch…the guage is so tight that you can’t really see the ‘laciness’ of it.  Ok though, I like how it ended up looking very much.  The fabric is nice and sturdy while being stretchy enough for a comfortable sock. 

   I used the ‘St. Johns Wort’ stitch pattern and a short row heel.  I like how the heel came out…no holes at all.  What I would change, next time I knit these, is the depth of the heel.  I went down to 18 sts but I think they may be better with 16, adding the two extra short rows and a little more depth to the heel.

Here is the heel… 

Now I just have to finish the second one!    If you’d like to make these, I’ve written the pattern and you can find it here;

Design Adventures

My attempts to design a sock hit a snag yesterday!  This is actually attempt number 2.  Number one had to frogged after I found I had increased to too many stitches.   I forgot to consider negative ease.   I also didn’t like the rate of increase…too triagular for my liking.  So here I have a more rounded, shorter toe.  I did use the Eastern Cast On method which I like because I can start with many stitches (16 in this case) and they are ‘grafted’ without grafting! 🙂

It’s so hard for me to think of a name for this sock.  Naming inanimate objects isn’t my strong point.  I’ve got a few ideas though…

It’s so much fun and yet so challenging to knit without a pattern.  Such a feeling of possibility…and such a possibility of having to frog!  lol.  That is the part that keeps me from this most of the time. 

Sherwood – All Done!

sherwood – back
Originally uploaded by lisaknitsnthings

Pattern:  Sherwood


Yarn Substitute: Red Heart ‘comfort prints’ in blues/greens

I’m really pleased with how this turned out!  It was a ‘WOW’ moment for me when I realized that the sleeves were picked up and worked in short rows from the shoulder.  I have never seen this design detail before.  Seamless knits are one of my favorites so I was pretty impressed, lol.  I would definitely recommend this pattern.  The yarn I used kind of concealed the pattern in the knitting so I think it would be much nicer in a plain coloured yarn.  I have some close-ups of the sleeve and the cable pattern on my flickr page…

Casting on for Something New

Good morning!   I’ve finished my son’s sweater, I’m happy to report.  My picture taking skills leave much to be desired though, so the only picture I have taken so far is out of focus.  I think I can do better so I’ll try again tonight.  He is very happy with it!  It makes me happy when my knitting can make someone else so happy.  Just in time too, for the cooler weather. 

Last night I cast on for a pair of socks.  We’ll see how they turn out….I’ll keep you posted.  I am using size 1.5 mm dpns and a fine fingering weight yarn (Austermann step).  I think (being a person who doesn’t do proper guage swatches) that the guage is about 12 sts per inch.  I’m ‘inventing’ the pattern as I go and keeping notes.  I want them to be lacy, fit nicely, probably ankle socks because I really hate socks that go higher than the ankle.  I am using the Eastern Cast On method and going toe up.  I love the truly seamless sock!

Look What I Made!




So, I’ve been lusting after all the beautifully crafted stitch markers I’ve been seeing everywhere internet lately. My solution was to make some for myself 🙂 These have porcelain and glass beads with sterling wire. I used toggle clasps rather than jump rings and I like how there is nothing for the yarn to catch on at all with them.  Notice how one is different (the porcelain bead is on the bottom)?  I did that so I could use that one for the start of the row.

There are a few more which I have yet to take pictures of, but I will soon.

My mission today is to finish ‘Sherwood’ for my son. I’m making it to replace the sweater (knitted gansey) that I made TWICE without it fitting him. I am totally impressed with the design details of the Sherwood pattern. Totally impressed. The sleeves are picked up at the armholes, making it a truly seamless knit. Wait and see…pictures should be up tomorrow…assuming I get my knitting time today 🙂

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