Archive | September 10, 2007

Look What I Made!




So, I’ve been lusting after all the beautifully crafted stitch markers I’ve been seeing everywhere internet lately. My solution was to make some for myself 🙂 These have porcelain and glass beads with sterling wire. I used toggle clasps rather than jump rings and I like how there is nothing for the yarn to catch on at all with them.  Notice how one is different (the porcelain bead is on the bottom)?  I did that so I could use that one for the start of the row.

There are a few more which I have yet to take pictures of, but I will soon.

My mission today is to finish ‘Sherwood’ for my son. I’m making it to replace the sweater (knitted gansey) that I made TWICE without it fitting him. I am totally impressed with the design details of the Sherwood pattern. Totally impressed. The sleeves are picked up at the armholes, making it a truly seamless knit. Wait and see…pictures should be up tomorrow…assuming I get my knitting time today 🙂

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