Archive | September 16, 2007

Practicing Patience

Happy Sunday 🙂

I am planning to work on my second sock today…I’ve cast on and am at the end of the toe so it should be done by tonight, I hope.  I am ‘practicing patience’ because I’m fretting about a book I ordered more than a week ago.  From a place not more than an hour away from me.  I’m sure it’s fine, but I like to recieve things QUICKLY.  Patience with mailmen isn’t my strong point.  It’s the Simply Shetland 4 pattern book.  I want it for the Autumn Rose pullover.  That is georgeous!  Also saw a few mens/boys sweaters in there I like.  Guess it’s not vital that I get it right away, considering the lady at the shop said that they don’t have the ‘old gold’ colour in at all and won’t for a couple weeks.  I guess the sweater is too popular or maybe there is another problem?  I’m to call here in a couple weeks and check if she has all the yarn in.  I was thinking about subbing another yarn but then my excellent generous husband offered to buy me the genuine yarn!  YAY 🙂  I  could always knit one of the other many, many projects to be I have waiting around here, LOL.  Shhhh, don’t tell the excellent husband anything like that!