Archive | September 21, 2007

Finished First Mirasol Glove :)

Here’s a picture of the first glove, all done….  Mirasol Glove

 And a look at the inside….Mirasol Glove - Inside Look

I would change a couple things with this pattern.  What I do is knit and then take notes, after each row, as I go.  I find it difficult to write it all out and then knit it.  I have no clue how others figure out their designs, but that’s my way.  With these, I would hold the kroy doubled in the cuff, to make it more fitted.  Also, I would have picked up a couple more stitches in the pinky and next-to-pinky fingers (I caught on and started doing that after those two).  They are a little snug.  But, in the interest of not frogging, because I hate that!, I am going to make the second glove as this first one.  They may be a little imperfect, but at least they will match 🙂

Awesome Job!

My daughter has been working on a school project for the past couple days and I’m so proud of her.  She is in grade eight and she loves school.  She always goes the extra mile with her work, making it as creative and attractive as she can.   🙂

Check it out….

Good Job!

The whole thing…laid out on our table…she used three bristol boards, lol….those lines?  Those are pieces of embroidery floss glued down for the roots :)…..


One thing about my kids…they are very creative and always do excellently in art!  One advantage of having a crazy creative home… 🙂