Archive | September 27, 2007

Purse Guts!

Ahh yes, here we have it (them!). 

First, I must confess…I have three purses currently in use 🙂  First we have the ‘day to day’ purse….I use this the most lately.  It is hardly more than a wallet and it holds everything I need at least basically….  000_0278

See, it has the important stuff 🙂  The shopping list, the orthodontist reciept, the appointment card for the dentist, the wool fund (which pesky kids keep needing part of for like…books and stuff lol)

Then there is the serious purse.  This baby gets used when I need to carry a lot of stuff, or when I have to bring a lot of id to sign papers, or when I want to use the purse instead of a suitcase…. 🙂

  000_0279  000_0280

These are the things I keep in this purse…my wallet, with its ’45 nickel for good luck….a watch (with broken band) so I can be on time (borrowed this from the children)…my lighter…(yes I smoke)…a bick pen, and one of the ever-so-many lists I carry 🙂

Lastly we have the knitting bag purse…currently in use as the ‘going to change my health card cause I’m a moron and missed that they misspelled my name’ purse… It’s a beauty…I love it and usually use it to carry knitting when I’m travelling/visiting….

000_0281  000_0282

It’s all set to go so that when I wake up ‘in the mood’ to go to a government office…I’m ready!!