Archive | September 29, 2007

Happy Birthday

baby girl 

My oldest turned eighteen yesterday!  I can hardly believe it.  It seems like the years couldn’t have passed so quickly.  I remember thinking it would take forever for the kids to grow up, too.  Nooooo.  It passes really fast.  It’s amazing really.  It’ll be the blink of an eye at this rate before they are all grown.  Our youngest will be ten this year.  There were so many years of babies and now we’re in such a different phase.

I’m so proud of our daughter….she’s been through a lot, self inflicted and otherwise, in her life and has come out on the other side of it all with a strength I admire and a determination that will take her far if she uses it right.  She was always the most determined and stubborn child out of our four.  I am so happy to see that some of the things that caused conflict when she was younger are becoming her strengths now.  She is brave and smart and proud.  She’s talking about college.  We go to her high school graduation next week 🙂 

Loving the sweater!

I’ve finished the ‘wheat ear cable yoke’ sweater from the Interweave Knits Summer 2007 issue.  I love it.  I used the ultra alpaca….SO SOFT.  Other sweaters will never feel soft again seems to be the only downside, lol. 

I made some changes…lengthened the sleeves and the body quite a bit, knitted in the round rather than seaming.  My only seams were under the arms.  I lengthened the patterned area under the arms by one inch.  I had some issues with the decreases….I ended up decreasing every other row at a point and then two rows in a row just before the ribbing.  Yet I had perfect guage…go figure.  Another ‘go figure’….I have 300 yards of the yarn left.  I’m thinking mittens 🙂  It worked out great though, and I love it!