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Who Am I?

Firstly, My apologies…I’m late in posting.   Second… this topic seemed easy, until I tried to write! 

I am a 38 year old mom of four beautiful children, three daughters and one son.  I am a wife…a daughter, sister, friend.  I’m married (for the second time) to the sweetest, hardest working man I know.  He would do anything for any of us, without a thought.  I really love him.

Growing up I was always determined and yet really shy and sensitive.  I still am.  I take things too much to heart.  I overreact and say things I wish I hadn’t.  I was the ‘smart kid’ in my family, the first to graduate high school, the ‘should be, could be’ kid.  I didn’t choose career, I chose family.  I suppose I should be able to do both, but I can’t.  Not in a way that I feel good about.  I feel like a child-woman, inside.  I look at the other moms and wonder why I can’t do everything the way they do.  They are the ‘real grown ups’ lol. They make it look so easy, they even make it look fulfilling.  When I’ve worked full time I felt like I was running a race that never stopped.  I felt like I was missing out on my kids, on my family…like the job was keeping me from my life, which was flying by anyways.  If that makes any sense!

 I love to create things, I always have.  I started crafting when I was little.  Macrame, knitting, sewing, crocheting, embroidery, cross stitch… you get the idea 🙂  My mom used to say I never finished anything…so now I’m careful to finish MOST things.

I’ll likely add to this…as I said, this subject is HARD.

Thanks for reading!

Yay, I’m Back!

Hello 🙂

I’ve been offline for about a day, and I hated it!  SOMEONE forgot to pay the bill on time.  ‘Nuff said.

 Nothing like losing your communications tools to learn how much you really really love/need/want them!  To think when I was starting out and my kids were little, I went without a phone voluntarily and didn’t even mind.

I just HAD to do something with the Mirasol Hacho that I bought, so I started a pair of gloves…

My 'no no' gloves

The pattern is my own and I’m calling them the ‘no no’ gloves because I did the big NO NO and mixed Patons kroy (fingering weight) with the Mirasol (light worsted, dk weight).  It was what I had that worked, colour wise.  They came out pretty nicely…or at least the first one did 🙂 

 The Hacho is beautiful and soft as can be.  I would love to make a sweater with it someday.  Another thing on my ‘want’ list.  Very nice, rich and vibrant colours.  I wonder if it will bleed much when washed…hoping not!

Casting on for Marisol SOMETHING….

Good morning 🙂

I really really want to start something with the beautiful merino wool I bought yesterday.  Really!  I have yet to decide what it wants to be, for sure at least.  I have a sad shortage of similar weight yarns for a background, so I guess I’ll have to have a good look at the wool collection today 🙂

Nice, huh?  This is why I can’t wait.  Ahhh, AND, my second sock is almost done!  I was knitting like a maniac last night because I wanted to start with this marisol, lol.


Check this out!

So, my sock isn’t done yet.  Yesterday turned into a lot of cookie baking and grocery shopping, not so much knitting.  My book isn’t here either BUT check out this beautiful wool!……..


It’s Mirasol Hacho, 100% peruvian hand dyed wool and I couldn’t help myself.  The skeins are only 137 yards and I had to try two colours because it’s impossible to choose!  I think I’m going to try it in gloves. 

Practicing Patience

Happy Sunday 🙂

I am planning to work on my second sock today…I’ve cast on and am at the end of the toe so it should be done by tonight, I hope.  I am ‘practicing patience’ because I’m fretting about a book I ordered more than a week ago.  From a place not more than an hour away from me.  I’m sure it’s fine, but I like to recieve things QUICKLY.  Patience with mailmen isn’t my strong point.  It’s the Simply Shetland 4 pattern book.  I want it for the Autumn Rose pullover.  That is georgeous!  Also saw a few mens/boys sweaters in there I like.  Guess it’s not vital that I get it right away, considering the lady at the shop said that they don’t have the ‘old gold’ colour in at all and won’t for a couple weeks.  I guess the sweater is too popular or maybe there is another problem?  I’m to call here in a couple weeks and check if she has all the yarn in.  I was thinking about subbing another yarn but then my excellent generous husband offered to buy me the genuine yarn!  YAY 🙂  I  could always knit one of the other many, many projects to be I have waiting around here, LOL.  Shhhh, don’t tell the excellent husband anything like that!

The First Sock…Memories sock pattern

My first sock is all done!  I’m pretty happy with it.  My lace turned out more like a textural stitch…the guage is so tight that you can’t really see the ‘laciness’ of it.  Ok though, I like how it ended up looking very much.  The fabric is nice and sturdy while being stretchy enough for a comfortable sock. 

   I used the ‘St. Johns Wort’ stitch pattern and a short row heel.  I like how the heel came out…no holes at all.  What I would change, next time I knit these, is the depth of the heel.  I went down to 18 sts but I think they may be better with 16, adding the two extra short rows and a little more depth to the heel.

Here is the heel… 

Now I just have to finish the second one!    If you’d like to make these, I’ve written the pattern and you can find it here;