Archive | October 8, 2007

From Here To There…

I’m so not having my best day (week)…but then neither are these shoes!

From here to there

I tried to think up some kind of fabulous idea for this post…but didn’t.  Sorry!  Basically I walk, take the bus or wait for my husband to be home to get from ‘here to there’.

It’s been raining like crazy here this weekend and I’m sick AND it was Thanksgiving for us here yesterday.  I’m patting myself on the back for just getting the dinner made and served without coughing to death.   It’s the same virus that sent our daughter to the hospital last weekend, but I’m certain they won’t help me….except to helpfully inform me it is a virus, of course!  I did borrow one of the ventalin puffers this morning…helps a lot.

On the good news front, I heard from my lady at the store where I’m planning to buy my Simply Shetland 4 book and the yarn!  She has her stock in now and hopefully I shall make it there next week.  Wednesday is the goal.  Should work beautifully, I ordered the necessary needles from knitpicks and they were shipped on Thursday.  If I get over this cold in the meantime….hmmm….I think I’m really looking forward to Wednesday/Thursday!  I love starting a new project, especially something I’ve been looking forward to 🙂

Meantime, I’ve been working on a pair of gloves? (they may still morph into mittens)  I’m using the left over Ultra Alpaca from the sweater I just finished.  Size 3.25 mm needles.  I found a pattern I really liked for a ‘leaf lace’ type panel and then discovered it was too wide to look right.   I designed my own…it’s fun but challenging to design cables and lace on the graph paper.  Tricky because the count varies row to row sometimes.  Glove number one is almost done to the fingers…

Alpaca Gloves

And the back/underside…

Alpaca Gloves

So, what do you think?