Happy Friday! :)

I love Fridays.  Even though I am a stay at home mom, I feel like all the pressure is off come Friday.  Makes no sense, but that’s how I feel 🙂  Me and the kids do the ‘yay friday’ cheer together…lol.

On this Friday, I have to clean my house.  Somehow autumn rose isn’t helping lately, lol.  I’ve been so knitting obsessed with it that I’ve been slacking a little, I admit.  My youngest daughter did a wonderful job yesterday on the upstairs…the least I can do is the downstairs!

Autumn Rose is coming along nicely…all ready to add the sleeves and begin the yoke…I’ve just started the first sleeve and I’m praying to the wool gods that I have enough to finish it without buying more.  I’m thinking about faking it if possible…there is no rule that says the colours MUST be where they are on the chart if I run short in the neckline for instance.  We’ll see.  Stay with me wool gods.


I was browsing this morning for information on knitting socks on two circulars and I found this tutorial.  Awesome and easy from the looks of it.  Check it out if you have any interest in learning this (if you are one of the few like me who haven’t yet!)…it is very clear and easy to follow 🙂

2 thoughts on “Happy Friday! :)

  1. Oh holy cow that is wonderful. I actually suffered a sharp intake of breath when I saw it, and then a bit of a coughing jag. And then a wee bit of coffee through my nose. It was worth it though. Gorgeous!

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