Archive | October 23, 2007


So, this week we are getting ready for my son’s halloween party.  The one I’m letting him have that I never let any of the others have (as they have helpfully pointed out to me).  I know that pretty soon the kids will be past even asking me for a party…so I said YES 🙂

We are making a pinata out of paper mache and here it is so far…..


I’ve never done this before so we’re winging it but I think it is pretty simple…we are going to cut a ‘door’ on the next (3rd) layer and continue to thicken this baby up at least a couple layers on top of that.   The pinata will be a spider 🙂  We used one of those punching balloons and I hope to keep the elastic attached at the top…it will be an excellent way to hang it for the smashing :)My little ones are set with their costumes…

100_0154   100_0155

They are so excited 🙂