Archive | October 28, 2007

Making A List…

Checking it twice…

You know how it goes! 🙂

 I think it’s about time I thought about what I want to make for Christmas this year…seriously, not that ‘oh this might be nice’ way but with lists and everything.

Luckily the kids mostly prefer the quicker things…hats, mittens, gloves, scarves.  My middle daughter wants some legwarmers.  LOL, I think it’s so funny they are in style.  I wore them as a teenager too 🙂

I’m wondering if they wouldn’t be fabulous in entralac?  I want to try that anyways…one way to make the knitting more interesting is to try new things in the ‘must do’ group.  Like the scarf I’ve just started for my little nephew…it is the ‘my so called scarf’ pattern.  What an interesting and yet so simple pattern.  I love the herringbone effect of it! 


I’m using James Brett ‘marble’ that was left over from the river forest gansey I knitted not too long ago.  LOL…that sweater is now almost too small for said nephew.  That’s the thing about knitting for kids!

So…working on that list and (since the kids are blog-allergic) I shall post it soon so I have something to check myself against!

Have a great day 🙂

Oh, AND — if any of the links/pictures aren’t working, could you let me know…I was an idiot and deleted some flickr stuff not realizing it would delete here too.  I’ve spent a couple hours trying to repair the links and reload the photos!