A day in my life…Blogstalking 6

I’m so far behind with this because I couldn’t think of a way to make my day exciting.  I still haven’t. 

How do you make a day at home look exciting?  Well, brace yourself, because here it is!

First thing in the morning, there must be 100_0161 , I live on this stuff!  I usually start off here…. 100_0233 doing all the fabulous stuff, like dishes and breakfast with the kids and end up here….100_0162 to drink the 100_0161 while I read my ….100_0230 100_0165 and 100_0243.  Then the FUN begins…always lots of THIS STUFF to do…100_0237 and 100_0163.  Of course, by this time I need 100_0161 again!

Exciting huh?!

Usually in the afternoons, I settle down and 100_0172 until the kids get home and then I’m back in the 100_0167 to make dinner, help with homework, do my mommy thing 🙂

Ok, by now we all know what took me so long to post this!  It’s a typical housework mommy day interspersed with self fulfilment in the form of knitting!

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