Good Morning :)


My tree skirt is coming along pretty well!  I’m about half way, row-wise…which of course means I’m no where near half way knitting when you take into account the ever increasing row length, LOL, but it’s getting there 🙂  I’m pleased to be able to use my scraps for something we will really enjoy.

My mom is awesome 🙂  She found me this neato thing at a second hand store.  It is an older drop spindle set but hasn’t (from the looks of it) been used.  It is a beginner set (excellent, I am a beginner) with a spindle and an instruction book.  Who knows when I’ll get around to trying it but I have no doubt that someday I will 🙂


This week I shall be awaiting my wool (the malabrigo I ordered from ) and finishing this skirt. 

Enjoy your day! 🙂


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