Archive | November 7, 2007

Hello Winter!


We woke up to gifts from mother nature this morning…WINTER is here!  The kids are excited…they had their boots out and tried on before I even got out of bed at 7:00 this morning.  LOL

 I just had to give my daughters their Christmas mittens, LOL….my youngest knew they were for her and came down asking about them…so I caved and they got their mittens early 🙂  Told her I better see her wearing those all day on Christmas!  It’s not like they didn’t have other pairs but they are excited about the new ones.  I don’t do ‘surprises’ with the number of children in this house…at least not when it comes to the things I make.  It would be impossible to get anything done!

My husband went ahead and checked the mail yesterday, no wool yet.  It’s for the best…I need to finish this skirt first!

I just lost another pair of mitts/gloves…my oldest daughter wants to know why she doesn’t have some…so my youngest is letting her choose between the two selbuvotter items I made and the composed mitts.  She chose the selbuvotter gloves in the browns and off white…good choice 🙂