Archive | November 13, 2007

Starting Some Socks…


I’ve decided to make some lacy socks this time and try the entrelac another time 🙂  I improvised a lace panel pattern including cables and have started these toe up on size 2mm needles using Knitpicks gloss in serengeti.  My guage is coming out at about 10 sts per inch.

I’m pleased with the texture and openness of this lace!  Not sure if these will be for me or for one of the girls this Christmas.  We all have basically the same size feet, so I can decide later!

Winding Wool


Last night I wound my knitpicks gloss (by hand)…three skeins of it…one in each serengeti, cocoa and pumpkin.  I had a bright idea about entrelac socks.  Now I know why I’ve never seen a pair with entrelac on top of the foot!  I couldn’t visualize it at all, until I tried it.  Then I realized I would have to work the foot back and forth, combining with sts at the sides in order to create the sole of the sock. 

I think I may make lace socks instead, this time.

The gloss is beautiful!!  Soft and sturdy with a nice twist.  Beautiful shine from the silk, I presume.  I’m very glad I ordered it.