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Project 365

Good morning 🙂

 I’ve joined the ‘project 365’ webring and I’m excited about keeping a photo-diary of the year.  It should be fun!

Today I am planning to plug away at the crazy cabin blanket and hopefully I’ll have good things to report tomorrow.  It would be so nice to get it done.  I must admit…I found another unfinished object…the Frost Flowers and Leaves shawl….still needs the border finished.  I’ve put it off for far too long!

Have a great day!  Happy New Years Eve 🙂

Some Short Term Goals…

I feel like I have a million or so things on the go…well, ok, it’s only about three.   I’m making myself finish these (or most of these!) before I begin the Hedgerow Coat from Interweave Knits.   I had the magazine out yesterday drooling over it and the Malabrigo I’m using.  This house is the land of the sweater and the coat is going to be a favorite, I predict!

There is the crazy cabin blanket — five squares are mid-completion, two sit ready to sew and the rest (9 squares)is sewn together already (60″ x 60″ so far).  I want to complete that asap.  A little late for Christmas, lol.


 There is the braided rag rug carpet — on the floor, coming along beautifully and about 5 feet or so across at this point.  I need to continue it about 12-15 wraps around…I want it to fill the space it’s in 🙂


Then there are the sweetheart lace socks for my daughter.  They are about half way done, the design is completed though not written out nicely yet.  I hope to have these done for her birthday at this point and since that is in May…no rush on these.  I’ll wait for the sock bug to bite again 🙂

The View!


The yard

It’s awesome to be surrounded by space…pictures of the other views to follow!  On a side note…dial up sucks…took me about an hour to load those two pictures 🙂



By a carpet!

I need a carpet for my cold cold farmhouse bedroom floor.  We looked at some at the flea market and I can make a really nice one for MUCH cheaper!  What you see so far is ‘free’ (stash fabrics) and yesterday I found an amazing deal….90% off upholstery fabrics!  I got 112 dollars worth for 11 bucks 🙂


The carpets work up really quickly…this might be a viable ‘make and sell’ idea.

Merry Christmas!!

Good morning! 🙂

 So, got up this morning at about 4:30 and stuffed the stockings.  Waiting up past the children is an impossibility these days so I’ve out-thunk them and learned to get up super early instead!  Did my dishes this morning too, so the kitchen is shiny and waiting to be destroyed by dinner 🙂

I can’t believe the kids aren’t up…it’s like 5:37!  LOL.  I may have to wake them up myself soon.

I’m doing laundry to keep busy…how funny is that? 

I have a while yet before I can start the turkey…I think about 2 hours or so before I start cooking it.   We’ll have turkey, stuffing, gravy, potatoe balls(lovely bits of deep fried, breaded, mashed potatoe), sweetpotatoe/carrot cassarole, homemade applesauce, homemade cranberry sauce, turnip, peas, corn, cheesy brussel sprout cassarole, bread, pickles, salads…the works!  I made a delicious pie yesterday — rubarb/cranberry/pear with a homemade sourcream crust…yummmm!!  Of course it didn’t make it…the kids did a fine job of convincing me pies are supposed to be eaten fresh and warm.  We’ll heat a frozen apple pie for dinner.

Hoping all of you have an excellent day with family and friends.  It’s the most wonderful day…ENJOY!

Christmas Time

Christmas 07

We’re all moved and settled in at my parents house.  Our house too now.  It feels sort of strange to say that still but I’m feeling comfortable.  I’ve been cooking and knitting…I’m eating properly again.  When I was going through the last few weeks, food was my last priority! 

It’s so beautiful and quiet in the country!  I love it, forgot how wonderful it is to sit at night and not hear the ‘buzz’ in the background that you can’t get rid of in the city.

The dogs are in doggie heaven here and are getting along pretty well with the others here.  There are now 6 dogs in this house!  LOL.  Lots of sweeping up.  They love not needing a leash though.  Our one, daisy the daschund, needs her leash because she’s like a tasmanian devil energy wise!  The basset and the shitzu are fine without.  They don’t seem to believe in running away. 

I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I can finish my husbands blanket in time for Christmas.  I have three blocks left to add to (I’m adding about 2″ around those to make them bigger) and then 5 full blocks to make.  If I want to be cheating, I could do one more and make the blanket smaller.  I’d rather it fit the top of our bed though so I like the 80″ x 80″ size best.  60″ x 80″ will just be awkward I think.  I think it’s excellent how well suited the blanket is to this farmhouse though!  Considering this all just ‘came up’, it’s falling into place well 🙂

Heard an excellent saying yesterday I think I will adopt…

Life is not about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about learning to dance in the rain

source unknown.