Archive | December 3, 2007

Surrounded by Kindness

I’m amazed by how much we’ve been through in the last week.  

Realizing we would lose the house, pulling together in a way I couldn’t have hoped for — it’s amazing this wonderful family I have!

The children are amazing, resiliant, strong.  They are fabulous at looking on the bright side.  They really pulled together with us and comforted us as much as we comforted them.  I’m so proud of them all. 

My parents are amazing…there for me…understanding…I am blessed.

Kindness from family and friends, strangers.  I’m overwhelmed, comforted…

It’s official, we’re moving in two weeks.  Another blessing…who ever thought I would look at the word ‘foreclosure’ in this way!…the lender is taking over the utilites/home insurance on that day.  This will not be hanging over our heads. 

We can have a fresh start.

I’m even knitting again 🙂  If I concentrate and spend my sleepless nights to their full advantage…I should be able to finish my husbands blanket.  That is a goal, but not something I’m worried about.  Might make a lovely valetines day gift, lol.

Life is good, enjoy your day 🙂