Changing Plans…

I’m changing my plan on the crazy cabin blanket.  I was going to make it 4×5 blocks, with each block about 16″ square.  I’ve decided to make it 3×4, with each block about 20″ square.  I’m going to edge it as well. 

I’ve been packing so much and not knitting.  I’ll have to get at it if I want that done for Christmas.  Just so much to do right now!  The entire house has stuff still left to be packed…most of the closets and cupboards are empty now…and the entire house needs a good cleaning.  Cleaning has just not been a priority for me this past week.

I still have a few calls to make, addresses to change and whatnot with the move.  We’re slowly taking loads to the various places; storage, second hand donations and stuff to my moms.  We’re going to need a ton of garbage tags too. 

One more week exactly and it’ll be moving day!

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