Archive | December 11, 2007

Going To The Farm…


It looks like I may get a chance to learn how to spin…soon.

The basement is packed, our room is packed, the kitchen is packed, the kids are packed.  The only possibly ‘unpacked’ areas in the house are the upstairs bathroom, the upstairs closet and the garage.

Our rooms at the new house are getting there too!  My sons room is unpacked and set up,  daughters’ rooms need to be set up yet and unpacked.  Kitchen stuff is unpacked and put away (the rest is going into storage).

I’ve cleaned the basement level, mostly.  I have to clean the carpets and floors all over the house still.  There isn’t that much left to do, depending on our level of perfectionism.

We are leaving a couch in the basement (was too big and a b*tch to get in here so it’s easier to leave it).  Furniture wise we have yet to move our daughters beds, dressers, our bed and end table, some furniture gifts we have ready for Christmas, tv, computer stuff, the computer table.  The kitchen table (love you baby!) wil be going to the basement in storage for now, as will the chairs.

Not much left!

My husband is planning to move a load of furniture this afternoon…I think once he does we will be really really almost there!

The most fantastic news???  My mom found a bag of roving at her second hand store and I’m going to teach me to spin in the new year 🙂  There is a skein(?) of it in greens and one in blues and one which seems so much like literal hair that it’s scary.  It has a label which I cannot remember the name…I’ll look it up once I have it in hand.

Have a wonderful day!