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3 Days and Counting…

Yes, the move. 

We move in three days, over the friday/saturday and I am exhausted already!

I have to get cleaning this house up so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed.  Of course that means finding the energy to do it.  I have to steam clean the carpets yet, clean the floors/cupboards/closets.  The walls, save a couple which are covered in graffiti (the joys of children – and this is teenage graffiti not fit for most people to look at), are pretty good – we painted a couple of years ago.  The graffit walls will be painted.  Good enough I hope because I don’t have the time, money or inclination to do more.  We have a good ‘one coat white’ paint that I hope will manage to cover the marks.

We have loads of furniture yet…a load for our daughter (in storage) until she gets a room or a place, for us – the piano, table and chairs, computer and table, tv/electronics, three dressers, two beds, a bunk bed set, some boxes, the garage (yikes on the garage) and I think thats it.  Sounds so little…I like it in a list!  In person, it’s not as great.

Here’s the plan…tomorrow carpets will be cleaned.  Also, I’m hoping we have all of the stuff for our daughter in storage – including her couch/chair.  All bedding will be washed tomorrow and hopefully we can move a load to my parents in the meantime.  Then friday it’s a trip to the dump, tackling the nasty garage and we’ll take as much as possible in the truck out to my parents.  Hopefully we can do this without renting a big truck.  Money is money and the more we have right now the better.  I can’t believe Christmas is coming so soon.  Final cleaning and loads on saturday and we’re done.  Again, I like this in a list, lol.

Year End Reflection…Blogstalking 12

So…my proudest accomplishment of 2007 and something I would like to accomplish in 2008? 

In 2007, knitting wise, my proudest accomplishment would be the cable and lace sock pattern.  I’m proud of that — it felt like an accomplishment! 

In terms of family…I’m so very proud of how this family has drawn together and how we’ve supported each other through this uproar we are experiencing.  It hasn’t been easy and the children especially have been amazing.  (Don’t know if this is really one of my ‘accomplishments’ but I like to think so since I’ve been the primary caregiver!)

What do I ‘wish’ for 2008?  

I wish to continue to design and improve in that.  I would love to learn how to grade patterns and try designing something more complex. 

This is hard!  Trying to think of what I really want to accomplish in ’08.

I’d like to spend more time with the children…I’d like to get them a lamb in the spring, to raise and keep (no we’re NOT eating the lamb – childhood trauma for another day) now that we will be at the farm. 

We have a piano, which is moving with us…I love that piano, it represents more than just what it is to me.  I’d like to teach myself to play better (played accordian! as a child so keyboards aren’t totally foreign) and make it a part of my day to day life.  I’m good with basics, note reading, etc…definitely need to learn a lot though.  I have a couple lesson books which I will work through 🙂

I’d like to learn to spin.  I’m not sure why, but I really really want to!

I’d like to be more physically active.  I’m planning to build an ice rink in the back yard there…lots of space.  I enjoy winter sports more than summer sports so I’d like to spend more time outdoors this winter.

I would like to find a way to earn some money, doing what I do.  Which leaves me with the crafts, etc.   This has been a dream for a while.  In this new place, there may be new opportunities.

Have an excellent day!