3 Days and Counting…

Yes, the move. 

We move in three days, over the friday/saturday and I am exhausted already!

I have to get cleaning this house up so that I don’t feel so overwhelmed.  Of course that means finding the energy to do it.  I have to steam clean the carpets yet, clean the floors/cupboards/closets.  The walls, save a couple which are covered in graffiti (the joys of children – and this is teenage graffiti not fit for most people to look at), are pretty good – we painted a couple of years ago.  The graffit walls will be painted.  Good enough I hope because I don’t have the time, money or inclination to do more.  We have a good ‘one coat white’ paint that I hope will manage to cover the marks.

We have loads of furniture yet…a load for our daughter (in storage) until she gets a room or a place, for us – the piano, table and chairs, computer and table, tv/electronics, three dressers, two beds, a bunk bed set, some boxes, the garage (yikes on the garage) and I think thats it.  Sounds so little…I like it in a list!  In person, it’s not as great.

Here’s the plan…tomorrow carpets will be cleaned.  Also, I’m hoping we have all of the stuff for our daughter in storage – including her couch/chair.  All bedding will be washed tomorrow and hopefully we can move a load to my parents in the meantime.  Then friday it’s a trip to the dump, tackling the nasty garage and we’ll take as much as possible in the truck out to my parents.  Hopefully we can do this without renting a big truck.  Money is money and the more we have right now the better.  I can’t believe Christmas is coming so soon.  Final cleaning and loads on saturday and we’re done.  Again, I like this in a list, lol.

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