Here We Go!

So, today is MOVING DAY. 

Tomorrow is moving day too, as needed…but we need to build a fence for the dogs at the new house this weekend as well. 

The house is nearly empty…the children are off to school today and I will clean the upstairs when they are gone.  I’m going to take a bunch of pictures when it’s empty…to show the condition it is in and how it was left.  I think it’s important.

I need to find a burst of energy so I can get everything done today!  The fact I haven’t shattered as of yet says to me that I can make it.  This whole thing has been very difficult…I’m looking forward to having it over and settling in.  Christmas, atm, seems like an afterthought, another small detail….usually its the centre of my season.

I think I may be offline for a few days at least.  The new house has dial up 😦  I’m thinking of getting some accelerator software and trying that?  Can’t hurt.  I’m so used to the highspeed!  Bell offers a free dial up accelerator BUT for one it is not necessarily recommended for Vista and two, it only accelerates 5x….the others I’ve looked at talk about 19x….I like 19 much more than 5! 🙂 

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