Archive | December 20, 2007

Christmas Time

Christmas 07

We’re all moved and settled in at my parents house.  Our house too now.  It feels sort of strange to say that still but I’m feeling comfortable.  I’ve been cooking and knitting…I’m eating properly again.  When I was going through the last few weeks, food was my last priority! 

It’s so beautiful and quiet in the country!  I love it, forgot how wonderful it is to sit at night and not hear the ‘buzz’ in the background that you can’t get rid of in the city.

The dogs are in doggie heaven here and are getting along pretty well with the others here.  There are now 6 dogs in this house!  LOL.  Lots of sweeping up.  They love not needing a leash though.  Our one, daisy the daschund, needs her leash because she’s like a tasmanian devil energy wise!  The basset and the shitzu are fine without.  They don’t seem to believe in running away. 

I’m hoping, hoping, hoping that I can finish my husbands blanket in time for Christmas.  I have three blocks left to add to (I’m adding about 2″ around those to make them bigger) and then 5 full blocks to make.  If I want to be cheating, I could do one more and make the blanket smaller.  I’d rather it fit the top of our bed though so I like the 80″ x 80″ size best.  60″ x 80″ will just be awkward I think.  I think it’s excellent how well suited the blanket is to this farmhouse though!  Considering this all just ‘came up’, it’s falling into place well 🙂

Heard an excellent saying yesterday I think I will adopt…

Life is not about waiting for the storm to end, it’s about learning to dance in the rain

source unknown.