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Modern Lace Henley

So, I’ve cast on for the modern lace henley by Pam Allen.  I’m using the mint green ‘perle’ from Eatons – some of the ‘good stuff’ from what I was gifted recently 🙂


I’m going to knit it in the round with a 2″ split at the hips, more tunic style I guess.  Also, I’d like long sleeves.

I’ve already made an error in the lace and I’m thinking I’m ok with that!  I don’t feel like pulling it back!

I tend to forgive myself a lot of my knitting mistakes.  LOL, they add character.

I’ve been getting a lot done lately, knitting wise.  I think part of it is that I only knit with circular needles now.  They are so much easier on my body.  My shoulder aches if I use straights and my hands hurt.  The circulars fit in my hands like they belong and I find them much more comfortable. 

Ok, off to stare at the henley and see how noticable that mistake is!  I’ll take a picture of it if it survives the night and you can see for yourself 🙂

Lacy Linen Camisole



The Pattern:  Shaped Lace Tee

The Designer:  Joan McGowan-Michael

The Source:  Knitting Lingerie Style

The yarn:  Mystery linen blend found at a thrift store


  • I used 4.5 and 4 mm needles
  • added about three inches to the length
  • worked the shaping for about five inches in the waist section of the body
  • worked the pattern without seams (in the round)
  • bound off with the three needle bind off
  • omitted the sleeves to make it a camisole/tank



I’m really happy with this top.  It’s super soft and comfy and fits perfectly.  I probably had enough yarn to make long sleeves but liked it just the way it is 🙂

The Wool Gods Are Smiling!

Wow, just wow.

A friend of ours called me tonight and told me he had a surprise for me.  A neighbor needed to get rid of a wool collection and he’s giving it to me!

Most of it is acrylic (so far – apparently there are three or more loads as large as what I recieved today) and there are MOUNTAINS of it.  A whole case of phentex yarn from way back – the stuff they used to weave potholders?

Some of the yarn is very nice even if it is acrylic…the cotton is bernat handicrafter and I have it in quite a few colours.  This lady must have knitted for charity or something…it’s a huge stash.

A lot of those value balls, some mary maxim, a case of beige sportweight.  I have no idea what I will do with most of it but I’m thinking it brings the profit margins way up if I want to knit for craft sales…say for next Christmas or the summer even.  I have the makings of a million or so mittens here!

Some pics…






A Lacy Cami

I’ve started a lacy camisole inspired by the Shaped Lace Tee by Joan McGowan-Michael.  The pattern is in the book, ‘Knitting Lingerie Style’.  I’m using the black linen and hoping I have enough.  I plan to lengthen the body and omit the sleeves.  Ideally I would have made long sleeves but I definitely don’t have enough to do it.


I’m knitting it in the round because I hate pointless seaming.


Thrift Stores Are Awesome!

I’ve got some new second hand store finds to share 🙂

In order of beauty…


This is called ‘Nautic’ laines plassard.  40% cotton, 60% linen.  I searched the net for information about it and found exactly nothing.

It calls for a 3.5 – 4 mm needle so I assume it to be a dk weight.  I only have two skeins…264 yards.


This is simply labeled ‘Pietra’ and ‘made in italy WPL 9685’ – as you can see, 🙂 

It is 37% linen, 37% viscose, 20% cotton, 6% polyam. f. (?)  7 skeins – 121 yards each for a total of 847 yards.  I could see this as a light summer top…lacy maybe.  It is quite light feeling.

It’s another mystery on the net so I’m guessing its weight as about dk as well.  I’ll definitely have to check guage with these.


This is Valentino i filati 303 by Filatura di Crosa.  I’m guessing it’s discontinued as well since I couldn’t find any information on it. 

70% cotton, 18% viscose, 10% ramie, 2% polyester.  164 yards/50 grams and calls for a 3.5 to a 4 needle.  Sport/dk from the look of it with a bit of a thick and thin going on.  I have four balls so I MAY have enough to make a little top or something for summer. 

I feel like the wool fairy has come calling LOL.  It’s like all these yarns have personalities and now I’m tryint to figure out what each one wants to be 🙂 

A One Day Project

As it turns out, the brown hand spun wasn’t really brown at all.  I was restless last night so I wound some of the skeins.  Check it out! 


I had about 100 yards (guessing by the size of the ball, lol) so I made the Drops Headband.  I have just enough left over to accent some mittens 🙂  The cream handspun has some soft fibre in it…alpaca or something like that…very nice I think for gloves or mittens to go with this.  That’s the plan anyways.  I SHOULD be knitting the sweater for my mom…I have a habit of getting sidetracked.

Here’s a picture of the finished headband…



What Would You Do…

If someone gave this to you?


It’s beautiful hand-spun…I’m not sure how much of each. 

My mom found it at her second hand store..(Loving that store!)

I want to use it for something special…it’s unique and begging to be something special. 

I have a pattern in mind for my next sweater.  It’s the modern lace henley by Pam Allen.  It calls for a sport weight yarn but I’m craving some beautiful fingering weight yarn.  I wonder if I could get away with using a heavier fingering weight and a slightly larger needle?  The lace would end up looser but I wonder if it might work?  I’m planning to make it longer in the body with long sleeves and a more delicate ribbing.  Shall have to see how it goes 🙂  I can always adjust the pattern for my yarn/gauge if need be.

Some ever cute dog pictures;

Miss Daisy warming up by the fire…


Daisy and Dora…