Archive | January 2, 2008

I LOVE It Here :)

Today, not much knitting — We went out on the snowmobile instead!  We stayed on the farm but it’s acres and acres…from one concession road to the next.  Here are some pictures…


It’s about -20 or so with the wind today but we were warm as can be…only one thing…I need real boots!


The trees look awesome don’t they?  I love how the sun shines through.



Ok, Couldn’t Help IT…Started the Coat!


I was restless yesterday…wanted to start something new even though I have the blanket to finish AND the carpet AND the socks AND the shawl.  Yeah.  LOL.  I managed to work on the blanket squares for a while first and they are getting there.  Another day of work to finish the blanket I predict.  And I will finish the carpet.  Later.

I tried spinning with a drop spindle yesterday, for the first time.  The fleece hates me, to begin with…I suspect the spindle may hate me too!  Anyways, not the most successful attempt but I could see improvement happening quickly.  Makes me truly appreciate a beautiful hand spun skein of yarn!!  LOL.  Definitely worth paying for! 🙂

The Malabrigo I’m using for the Hedgerow Coat is so buttery soft!  Georgeous stuff.  I will definitely look at making more things for myself out of it.  This is my first time knitting with it 🙂

It’s super cold out today….Husband cannot work, they have an ‘extreme cold’ warning on.  Yet they say it will warm up a lot by the end of the week?  We’ll see.

Off to knit a beautiful coat….