Pathetic Hound

Don’t get me wrong…we love him.  Our female is in heat and he has been whining for days and days!  That’s when he’s not all out howling.  Basset hounds are NOT quiet dogs when they are in distress, lol.

Sitting on the blanket in this picture is a major feat for him these days.  Sitting still is a real challenge. 

He’s three and we don’t plan to breed him — though he would be an excellent dog for it — so there are only 5 more sleeps and then he’s having the operation.  I feel bad for him but I’m sure he’ll be much happier once it’s done.

As a bonus gift for me, it means he won’t be howling me awake at 5 am anymore!  (I know heats pass fairly quickly but we have three females – a farm – and this could really go on forever-ish)

Here’s the sad boy himself…you can’t see the shake but he’s all shakey these days…


3 thoughts on “Pathetic Hound

  1. Poor baby. He’s gonna be okay, mom. If it will make you feel better, you might want to read my blog called, “JONESY’S STORY”.
    It’s a blog my dog “wrote” about him getting “fixed”.

  2. I will read it, thank you for telling me about the story 🙂 I do think he’ll be happier and less frustrated…this is two females in a row that have gone into heat and the poor guy is off and on freaking out about it. It’s sort of a sudden decision but a good one I think.

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