Archive | January 8, 2008

My Worst Habit – Blogstalking ’08

I think that the obvious for me is smoking.  I have smoked for far too long — since I was 16 — 23 years almost.  Yeah.  Definitely my most unhealthy habit. 

But not my worst.

I would say that my worst habit is overreacting to things.  I think I would be so much better off if I could learn to CHILL and act more often than I re-act.  I don’t flip out or anything and the overreaction is over shortly after it starts.  I am at heart a sensible woman…lol…though you can’t always tell!  I would like to stop doing it because it affects the kids…makes me feel ridiculous, foolish…really affects a lot even if it is over quickly.  I want to present a calm, collected and reasonable approach to problems for the children.  I think it would be an excellent thing if I could begin by modelling that behaviour!