A Little Problem…

I think I have a wool problem, lol. 

I’m loving this right now….


I think it would be beautiful in a lacy cardigan for spring.  Thing is, lol, I have to find a pattern I like.  I’m going to look through the old magazines I have and see what I see. 

I’m torn between the teals and the wine shades…

I’ve never ordered from Littleknits but I’ve always heard good things. 

Here’s to new yarns and shopping adventures!

In other news…

The Hedgerow Coat is about 50% done…I’ve finished the back, left front, most of the right front (am about to shape the armholes).  That leaves the sleeves, seaming, front edging and the collar.  I’m on the 5th ball of yarn.

If I have enough left over I’m going to make this beautiful headband from Drops.  I think it would be great in the Malabrigo.

I figure I need to finish the Crazy Cabin Blanket…It’s functional as is — and being used — but I would like to finish and attach those last blocks.  Right now it’s about 60″ square…I wanted it 80″ square and the final blocks are all almost done.

So…after the Coat, I’ll work on the Blanket, then it’s the headband! 🙂

Have a great day 🙂

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