Archive | January 17, 2008

Knitting Needles and Some News

First of all…the needles…LOL…


These aren’t all of them…I’ve got a bunch of dpns that I haven’t unearthed since moving here.  They are in with all my sock stuff.  I’ve definitely collected more than I need!

On to the news 🙂

The good news is that I’m almost done the Hedgerow Coat! 

I’m going with the ‘almost’ because I’m starting the second sleeve today.  There is more knitting on one of those sleeves than it looks!  Then I just have to knit the bands and the collar.  I can’t wait to wear it!  It’s such a nice long design I didn’t worry about length at all.

I made one modification to the pattern, on the sleeve where you do the ‘decrease row’ just before the ‘set up’ row.  The pattern says; (RS – of CUFF not sleeve) Work 7 (x,x,x) sts in rib, pm, work center 53 sts in rib and dec 13 sts evenly spaced, pm work 7 (x,x,x) sts in rib. 

– I am making the small so the first number is what I was working with –

What I changed was the ‘work center 53 sts in rib and dec 13 sts evenly spaced’.  I worked the 53 sts as an extra set up row I guess…as an ‘extra’ row 1 of the chart…I found it easier to decrease the sts nicely and it looks good.  I ripped it back three times before I found what I thought looked best.

Since this is the RS CUFF row it is a WRONG SIDE SLEEVE row so I had to remember to work the sts as on the WS chart rows.

I then worked the set up row as the pattern states, making sure to reverse the ribbing before and after the markers.  It will look like p2,k3,p2…etc.  It needs to become k2,p3,k2…etc.  LOL, I forgot this at first and again ripped back. 🙂 

Oh yes, the bad news…

The bad news is that Little Knits is sold out of the wool I was lusting after.  Probably just as well.  I know there’s tons of beautiful wools out there…you win some you lose some and they may get more in stock by the time I’m prepared to buy it 🙂