Thrift Stores Are Awesome!

I’ve got some new second hand store finds to share 🙂

In order of beauty…


This is called ‘Nautic’ laines plassard.  40% cotton, 60% linen.  I searched the net for information about it and found exactly nothing.

It calls for a 3.5 – 4 mm needle so I assume it to be a dk weight.  I only have two skeins…264 yards.


This is simply labeled ‘Pietra’ and ‘made in italy WPL 9685’ – as you can see, 🙂 

It is 37% linen, 37% viscose, 20% cotton, 6% polyam. f. (?)  7 skeins – 121 yards each for a total of 847 yards.  I could see this as a light summer top…lacy maybe.  It is quite light feeling.

It’s another mystery on the net so I’m guessing its weight as about dk as well.  I’ll definitely have to check guage with these.


This is Valentino i filati 303 by Filatura di Crosa.  I’m guessing it’s discontinued as well since I couldn’t find any information on it. 

70% cotton, 18% viscose, 10% ramie, 2% polyester.  164 yards/50 grams and calls for a 3.5 to a 4 needle.  Sport/dk from the look of it with a bit of a thick and thin going on.  I have four balls so I MAY have enough to make a little top or something for summer. 

I feel like the wool fairy has come calling LOL.  It’s like all these yarns have personalities and now I’m tryint to figure out what each one wants to be 🙂 

2 thoughts on “Thrift Stores Are Awesome!

  1. The knitting goddess loves you more than me! All I find in second hand stores is vile stiff awful acrylic, the awfullest kind! I use acrylic, but not this stuff! She definitely loves you more. :O/

  2. She’s definitely looking kindly on me lately!

    We just moved into – as my little nephew puts it – the ‘middle of no-where’ and it seems to be wool-land! I worked at a second hand store in the city and this type of good stuff was few and far between.

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