Good morning 🙂

I spent some time yesterday playing with the drop spindle I got a while back.  I have some ‘mystery’ roving that I got from the second hand store — great training roving because I have a LOT to learn! 

Here’s a look at my first attempt.  I plan to spin another length and ply the two…lol…sounds so easy when I type it.  I’m learning as I go!  It’s got some severe thick/thin going on but it’s a first try 🙂



Here’s a picture of the roving I’m using…


Oh, and yes…I’m still working on the flower power rug for my daughter’s birthday…I’ve got almost 30 blocks made and hope to have near a hundred (yeah, crazy).  They are about 6.5 inches square…so 10×10 would be about 5.5 feet square.  I’ll see how far I get before her birthday 🙂  I figure I have 10 days…that’s only 7 a day…plus one all nighter sewing it, lol. 

The puppy thing is driving me nuts.  Her milk continues to come in…there is more swelling every day and yet…NOTHING happens.  If she continues and doesn’t have a puppy by next week we’ll take her to the vet.  I am SO confused by all of this!  The poor thing was whining steady yesterday and sick this morning so I wonder if something is starting to happen labour wise or if she may be having some problems?  It’s nerve wracking!


2 thoughts on “Spinning!

  1. My mom found it, with a book on how to spin, in a second hand store near us! It was one of those amazing deals for a dollar 🙂

    It’s called ‘Snell’ and the book is ‘Spinit’ by Judith Snell. Published in Oakville, Ontario and copyright 1974. I’m not sure if they’re available anywhere now.

    I just did a search ‘judith snell spinit’ and found the book is available used on ebay but the spindle is not included 😦

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