Finished ‘Think Spring’ Rug…

on time for my daughter’s birthday even!


I gave it to her last night…she says it really brightens up her room and I agree! 

Pattern:  Flower Power rug by Bernat/Lily

Available:  Free on the site with membership

Materials:  Odds and ends of handicrafter cotton gifted to me.  I didn’t worry about colour really, just wanted a mix of everything.  Brings me back to my years of quilting 🙂

Size:  The pattern calls for 12 blocks.  Mine is 72 blocks about 6.5 inches each.  About 52×60 (roughly)  A nice size for her room 🙂

Now to figure out what to do!  LOL.  I could finish the modern lace henley OR the frost flowers and leaves shawl OR the oak leaves pullover for my mom.  Oh yeah….OR I could return to my new love and spin!

I think I want a spinning wheel so I’m researching like crazy at the moment.  Learning the language, so to speak.  Ratios and flyers and bearings and whatnot…a lot of new things to understand before I feel I know what I’m buying.  My heart is so far set on the Kromski Mazurka…a BEAUTIFUL thing it is.  My dh has his eye on another of the Kromski’s for me (he likes to buy me nice toys…) but I really think the Mazurka does everything almost the same for like 200 dollars less. 

LOL…I wonder how much wool one must spin before one reclaims the cost of the tools!  Ok, lets not…this counts as entertainment right?!

5 thoughts on “Finished ‘Think Spring’ Rug…

  1. The rug looks great! 72 squares is a lot of crocheting! All the colors are really pretty together. Your daughter is one lucky girl to have a beautiful one-of-a-kind rung in her room. Not to mention a loving mother to make it for her.

  2. Well, if you’re truly looking for a project, I could use one of those rugs too! It’s gorgeous! I’d like mine in pale yellow and pale sagey olivey green please, with a bit of pale coral thrown in. And mine doesn’t have to be anywhere nearly that large! I want it for the bathroom, so two by three feet would be perfect! Or I should make my own…. :O) Any puppies yet??? I’m really hoping things are fine with mamadog. samm

  3. Thank you both for all the comments. I’m so happy with the rug and my daughter is too 🙂

    I do hope everything is ok with Daisy. She’s leaking milk a little today but showing no other signs. Her appetite is still great so that’s probably a sign it’s not today. I hope nothing is wrong. I’m worried and hovering between ‘nature knows’ and ‘lets rush to the vet!’.

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