Archive | February 24, 2008



My amaryllis is in bloom!  It’s beautiful, the first one I’ve grown.  I bought the bulb before Christmas, at the old house.

It  makes me happy just to look at!

I found a cool thing at a local junk/antique/second hand store…

It was the first thing I noticed, lol.  It’s homemade and big, but I love it.  I’m easily impressed 🙂  It’s a wool winder and I’m using it to wind my roving around.  (Not entirely sure how I would use it or why I would use it as a wool winder, lol)

Here it is…


I figure I’ll make it a little cover and then when I’m not using it I can keep the dust and pet hair off the roving.  I used to keep it in a pillowcase and I like this much better!

We’re STILL waiting for puppies.