Happy Birthday To Me :)

I’m surrounded by beautiful things this birthday 🙂  My birthday order came just in time!


Beautiful blue faced leicester from Sakina Needles at www.theloopyewe.com


Superwash merino, also from The Loopy Ewe/Sakina Needles.


The very beautiful Araucania Ranco Multy.  So soft!  Really really nice wool.

I’m STILL waiting for my babies (the puppies).  Miss Daisy is nesting almost constantly now….

I’ll post pictures as soon as they are born!  I told her if she’s faking I’m trading her for a spinning wheel 😉

2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To Me :)

  1. Hi there, I’ve stalked your blog for a while now and thought I would delurk, because it’s MY birthday too!!
    I totally love your knitting and can’t wait to see the puppies!
    And happy birthday, fellow Feb 28er!

  2. Hi! 🙂

    Isn’t that neat that we have the same birthday 🙂 Happy Birthday! I wish wish wish we could ALL see those puppies, I swear I feel like I’ve been waiting and wondering forever LOL.

    Hope your day is excellent!

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