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Lace Weight Singles :)

I’ve decided to keep my first two ounces of the SW Merino as a lace weight singles yarn…here is a picture of it wrapped on the board….


It is about 24+ wpi and I ended up with 377 metres. I haven’t got a final weight (I’m estimating the 2 ounces) yet and I still have to set the twist. Tomorrow maybe 🙂 Very Spring-like colours I think!

My One Month Spin-aversary!

So tomorrow is the one month anniversary of my wheel spinning career. The lady at the shop was SO surprised when I didn’t want to try the wheel or anything LOL but I’ve always been a ‘teach myself’ girl and I enjoy doing my bumbling in private! 🙂

Here’s my progress on the lace weight I’m working on…the singles seem to be about 40 wpi and I really hope they don’t ‘fluff up’ much when I ply them. I’ll be sadly dissapointed if this doesn’t work out! I only have about 2 oz to work with (I went ahead and spun the first two ounces without planning on this contest so I’m keeping that as a singles yarn, I think) and I hope to get enough yardage for the project idea I have in mind. Wish me luck!



I’ve Been Busy :)

I was reading a post (here) on how to dye roving with easter egg dyes and since I had 100 grams of lincoln lamb roving which I bought when we picked up my spinning wheel…..I HAD to try it!

Excellent, Easy, with Awesome results!


Lincoln Lamb - Easter Egg Dyed

I love it.  Can’t wait to spin it!

I’ve been spinning the second ply for my SW Merino from SakinaNeedles and I’m aiming for a very thin yarn…wondering if maybe I can enter the spinalong for April after all…

SakinaNeedles Dusty Cornflower SW Merino

Either way…this is going to make some beautiful light weight yarn!  Another thing I cant wait to see finished 🙂

Jeanie is coming along nicely…I finished a couple repeats today.  It’s an easy project to pick up and put down because the pattern is pretty simple once you get used to it.  I always mark my rows, with pencil, in the margin, mind you…

OK, Enough Winter Already!


Yesterday, we woke up to a LOT of snow.  They’re calling for another 10 to 20 cm today!  Enough, I say 🙂  I mean, really, it IS almost April!

I finished another skein from the ‘mystery roving’ I have in blues/greens.  This one ended up more the weight I’ve been aiming for.  A good yarn for socks I think!  I have 362.5 metres and the wpi is 22 🙂


Here you can kind of see the size against the paper clip…


Now I’m kicking my ass for starting the superwash merino I’m spinning.  There is a ravelry only spinning contest that I want to enter but since I would have to use SakinaNeedles Fibre…I’m out of this month…no money for such things right now.  Next time I guess 🙂

Happy Easter…Yay Spring!

Good Morning!  Happy Easter 🙂

I’ve been working on turning this…(superwash merino in ‘dusty cornflower’ from Sakina Needles)


into THIS 🙂


I’m planning to make it into a two ply and hope to have about 300 or so yards. 

I’m still knitting jeanie….


Yes, turning out very beautiful…what an interesting looking pattern…making me want to design a drop stitch sweater along these same lines!  In the movie ‘premonition’, Sandra Bullock has on a beautiful white sweater which I *think* is a drop stitch pattern.  LOL…I may have to freeze frame it to check it out sometime!

Have a fantastic day!

All Settled And Knitting Again :)

I’m happy to say that we’re all moved in and I’ve cast on for Jeanie from  I’m using the Ranco Multi I got for my birthday a while back and I love how it’s turning out so far.  I’m afraid the pattern isn’t as difficult as I thought, lol – guess reading it through would have shown me that! – it may be a little boring as time goes on.


The house is great, comfy and feels like home already.  The kids are settling in very well and next week everyone will be back in school.  We’re planting some seeds tomorrow to celebrate spring — I know spring started today but we’re a little off schedule 😉  We have some tomatoes, peppers and some flowering vines for the porch.  I’m on a wireless signal right now which doesn’t seem too co-operative…I’ll try to post some pictures if I can.


See! 🙂

Tomorrow the laundry will be all hooked up and I’ll begin to tackle laundry mountain.  A family can sure make a lot of it in a week or so without machines!


Yay 🙂

 We found the perfect home for us, near the area where we had moved to live with my parents (what a perfectly ridiculous idea that was!) and it’s excellent. 🙂

 We have no cable or internet or phone as of yet.  I’m ‘borrowing’ this signal through my wireless connection…

 It feels so good to be HOME and to have peace and quiet and did I mention peace and quiet?  LOL.  Lesson learned?  Abusive people do not change…it’s just harder to see it when you don’t live with them.  Another lesson?  Always remember what you already know.  And finally?  Appreciate what you have and never ever take it for granted.  The experience was a learning one at the very least!

LOL…looking on the bright side and moving forward, right?   Have an excellent day!