Good morning…yeah, lets go with that. 

Miss Daisy isn’t pregnant, she was having a false pregnancy after all.  We’re dissapointed but at the same time, it’ll be better to let her have babies some day when she is older 🙂  I’d like to do that sometime, maybe in a year (she’ll be two).

Ahh, and we’re looking for another house around here.  We need to rent but it’s SO HARD to find anywhere which wants pets around!  Living here is like living with the daily drama and I’m just not able to do it anymore.  (The brief story — we moved in with my parents to help us- we had a mortgage tragedy and couldn’t refinance- and to help them-financially)  It’s complicated, crazy and unbearable.  It’s just so dissapointing…we had another house lined up at the time and decided to do this because when my mom suggested it I thought it was BETTER.  I was seriously suffering from temporary insanity I think.   The only thing wrong with the other house was the size and I bet we would have made it work.

I feel like I made such a bad decision in bringing them here.  Now the kids have to adjust all over again to moving (and we’ve only been here 2.5 months so far).  Our son is absolutely fine with it (the girls say its cause he’s a boy) and the girls seem to have reached the despair point.  You know – ‘I don’t care’ when you know for sure they do!

I’m crossing my fingers that the very best will happen and we will find the right house for us SOON.  We’re in the Alliston area, country area really, so I’d think there must be someone willing to rent to a dog owner! 

6 thoughts on “Crap!

  1. Hi! Daisy is beautiful, preggers or not. I just discovered your website (looking for sock patterns, found you via Ravelry) and love it (your website and Ravelry)! I figure anyone who knits and is slave to a dachshund (2 females in my case) must be someone special!

  2. Glad you found me, thanks for the nice comments 🙂

    Daisy is a beautiful tyrant, for sure! 🙂 Dachshunds are definitely demanding but she’s such a sweetie I can’t help but forgive her 🙂 It must be a handful with two!

    I love ravelry too. An amazing resource!

  3. The only way to know for sure is to take her to the vet when she has pregnancy symptoms. Our vet thought Daisy was pregnant, FOR SURE because of her symptoms BUT, LOL, the tests came back negative.

    Joy of joys? She has a false pregnancy twice a year now!

  4. The vet probably won’t check until after 30 days. If you had visual confimation of a hook-up, then there is a very good chance that you will have puppies. Gestation is 61-63 days. Litters average 3-5, but I have seen as many as 8 (but it is rare). Usually they don’t have that many the first time (2-4). They will start to gain weight in the second month and teets will begin to swell toward the end of the pregnancy.

    If the teets swell early, it is most likely a false pregnancy and this can happen whether they have been around a male or not. They are very common.

    If she is pregnant, and the father is a small dog, she will probably handle it okay. Once I had to break a sac which helped her to identify with what was going on, they she took over immediately and did a great job. Hope this helps.

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