Archive | March 18, 2008


Yay 🙂

 We found the perfect home for us, near the area where we had moved to live with my parents (what a perfectly ridiculous idea that was!) and it’s excellent. 🙂

 We have no cable or internet or phone as of yet.  I’m ‘borrowing’ this signal through my wireless connection…

 It feels so good to be HOME and to have peace and quiet and did I mention peace and quiet?  LOL.  Lesson learned?  Abusive people do not change…it’s just harder to see it when you don’t live with them.  Another lesson?  Always remember what you already know.  And finally?  Appreciate what you have and never ever take it for granted.  The experience was a learning one at the very least!

LOL…looking on the bright side and moving forward, right?   Have an excellent day!