Archive | March 25, 2008

I’ve Been Busy :)

I was reading a post (here) on how to dye roving with easter egg dyes and since I had 100 grams of lincoln lamb roving which I bought when we picked up my spinning wheel…..I HAD to try it!

Excellent, Easy, with Awesome results!


Lincoln Lamb - Easter Egg Dyed

I love it.  Can’t wait to spin it!

I’ve been spinning the second ply for my SW Merino from SakinaNeedles and I’m aiming for a very thin yarn…wondering if maybe I can enter the spinalong for April after all…

SakinaNeedles Dusty Cornflower SW Merino

Either way…this is going to make some beautiful light weight yarn!  Another thing I cant wait to see finished 🙂

Jeanie is coming along nicely…I finished a couple repeats today.  It’s an easy project to pick up and put down because the pattern is pretty simple once you get used to it.  I always mark my rows, with pencil, in the margin, mind you…

OK, Enough Winter Already!


Yesterday, we woke up to a LOT of snow.  They’re calling for another 10 to 20 cm today!  Enough, I say 🙂  I mean, really, it IS almost April!

I finished another skein from the ‘mystery roving’ I have in blues/greens.  This one ended up more the weight I’ve been aiming for.  A good yarn for socks I think!  I have 362.5 metres and the wpi is 22 🙂


Here you can kind of see the size against the paper clip…


Now I’m kicking my ass for starting the superwash merino I’m spinning.  There is a ravelry only spinning contest that I want to enter but since I would have to use SakinaNeedles Fibre…I’m out of this month…no money for such things right now.  Next time I guess 🙂