Archive | March 27, 2008

My One Month Spin-aversary!

So tomorrow is the one month anniversary of my wheel spinning career. The lady at the shop was SO surprised when I didn’t want to try the wheel or anything LOL but I’ve always been a ‘teach myself’ girl and I enjoy doing my bumbling in private! 🙂

Here’s my progress on the lace weight I’m working on…the singles seem to be about 40 wpi and I really hope they don’t ‘fluff up’ much when I ply them. I’ll be sadly dissapointed if this doesn’t work out! I only have about 2 oz to work with (I went ahead and spun the first two ounces without planning on this contest so I’m keeping that as a singles yarn, I think) and I hope to get enough yardage for the project idea I have in mind. Wish me luck!