Archive | April 8, 2008

Life’s Path

I’m in a very reflective mood lately. It seems so much like we are ‘starting over’ and it makes me wonder.

We had so much and we appreciated it so little. Now it’s as though we’ve been ‘put back in our place’ by life, fate, God, karma…whatever you wish to name it. Like in our apathy we had wandered off the path we were supposed to walk and caused to re-evaluate our priorities, our lifestyle, everything.

We had the big house…we wandered away from each other in it and stopped being a real family. We had lots of money, it seemed, and somehow never really took care of any of the things we bought over time…now we’ve down-sized and have few things…all of which we really care for and appreciate. We had tons of food…so much so we ordered out and didn’t know what to cook! So much so that food often went bad and no-one cared I’m ashamed to say. So now – we eat our meals together and enjoy the food we have. Yesterday we were out of bread so I baked some. That’s the kind of difference I’m talking about. Even the washing machines are broken now, lol…(karma misses nothing) and so I’m washing laundry by hand and taking care of our clothes in a different way. We hadn’t planned on moving so quickly so we still don’t have cable/satellite…tv at ALL in fact because our tv is too new to use an antennae. We’ve been listening to music dvds and watching movies. At first I missed the shows, the news, the constant ‘outside world’ baraging into my livingroom but NOW? NO. I think I like not being advertised to constantly. I like not feeling like I need to watch a show (for NO apparent reason)…it’s a strange need which goes away after a while. Like an addiction to technology or something. We also don’t have a home phone…cell phones instead. So I don’t do the ‘chat’ thing at all. And that’s FINE! I love not listening for the phone, not worrying who is going to call, etc. All in all, less technology means less stress, for me.

I feel like a rambling woman now, lol, but I’ve been thinking about this a lot and I wanted to write it down a bit.

Have a great day 🙂